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This article, by Rose Dosti, appeared in the Los Angeles Times Magazine for Dec 18, 1988.

In Italy, fennel is used as a complementary herb with pork ÄÄ particularly with suckling pig and in marinades for wild boar.

Cured olives are flavored with feathery fennel fronds or pieces of cut bulb.

The crisp stem and bulb is cut into salads or braised to serve with game or other roasted meats.

The leaves can be stuffed into oily fish such as mackerel or cod.

When using only the bulbs, save the fronds for flavoring fish and meats. Hang them up to dry, or dry them in the refrigerator or freezer. Peel away or remove any bruised outer layers of the bulbs, and trim the stems before using. The bulbs can be refrigerated for several weeks, in the manner of most hardy root vegetables. Seal them in plastic to preserve the moisture. Submitted By DIANE LAZARUS On 02-07-95

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