Classic saganaki with olives and lemon

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
8 ounces Kasseri cheese; *see note
3 tablespoons Olive oil
½ Lemon
1 tablespoon Fresh oregano; chopped

1. Cut the Kasseri into ½ inch thick rectangular slices.

2. Rinse cheese slices under cold water (do not pat dry) 3. Coat each piece with flour.

4. Heat olive oil in a large heavy skillet until almost smoking.

5. Add cheese slices and cook until it begins to brown, about 1 minute per side.

6. Transfer to plates, squeeze with lemon juice over top and sprinkle with fresh oregano and pepper to taste.

Notes: Kasseri or Kefalotyri, classic Greek sheep's milk cheeses are hard and very salty. Serve this appetizer with tomato wedges, warm pita bread and kalamata olives.

Recipe by: Bon Appetit - February 1997 Posted to recipelu-digest Volume 01 Number 351 by RecipeLu <recipelu@...> on Dec 09, 1997

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