Carol's bread & butter pickles

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
12 mediums Cucumbers; sliced *
5 \N Onions; sliced thin
¼ cup Pickling salt
\N \N Brine:
3 cups Sugar
4½ teaspoon Celery seed
3 cups Cider vinegar
4½ teaspoon Mustard seed
2 teaspoons Curry powder
2 cups Water
\N 2 cups water. Heat this to boiling and then add the drained

Recipe by: CAROL KOSOWSKI (YPZW00A) * (not too old as the older ones have too many seeds in them). In a large roasting pan,layer the cukes, then the onions,back to the cukes and the onions again sprinkling with the pickling salt in between the layers. let soak for 3 hours and then drain the juice and discard. Next you make a brime for the pickles and onions. 3 cups of sugar, 4½ teaspoons mustard seed, 4 ½ tsp.celery seed, 2 tsp.curry powder, 3 cups cider vinegar, cukes and onions and simmer on low for10 min only.(hummm, it starts to smell up the kitchen and you just want to eat them right away).

Now having hot sterilized large canning jars, fill to cover all the pickles and onions to the top. Put a bread knife into each jar to bring up the air in the liquid and of course don't leave it there, take the knife out and put on the caps and seal. You may hear the seal take place with a pop and you can see that the cover seems to suck in and it should hold that way for a tight seal.I turn the jars over and let stand til cool. To check a tight seal you can push down on the top of the cover and if it does not snap up after you let go, then you have a tight seal. If the cover does pop right up after pushing down and releasing then you have a poor seal, You could just eat those pickles now. yumm yumm.don'tput it away to store. You can also draw some water in a large bowl or pan or even in the sink and take each cooled jar and imerge the top into the water and check for bubbles coming from the top. If you see bubbles coming from the lid then you have a bad seal. Doesn't happen very often. Store the jars in a dark cool far as how long you can keep them, you could keep them up to one year because of the vinegar will protect the pickles but I doubt it very much after you open one jar, it would last one year. Here is a pickle recipe I would love to share with you all.It is an old one I have had for over 30 years. CAROL KOSOWSKI (YPZW00A)

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