Artichoke chili stuffed potato (oaks)

Yield: 6 Servings

Measure Ingredient
6 \N Potatoes; baked
3 ounces Nonfat cheddar cheese
½ cup Chopped green chilies
½ cup Artichoke hearts; chopped coarsely
¼ cup Lowfat sour cream
¼ cup Salsa

1. Split potatoes in half and remove most of the pulp. Leave just enough to help keep the skin intact.

2. Set the potato pulp aside.

3. Place cheese in food processor and process to grate.

4. Add the potato pulp and process to mix.

5. Fold chilies and artichoke hearts into potato mixture and fill the potato skins with the finished product.

6. Serve the potatoes topped with sour cream and salsa or let your guests help themselves to toppings.

TO SERVE: You might set up a bar with assorted toppings like guacamole, chopped olives, chopped scallions, grated cheese and chile beans. Everyone likes potatoes so let them star at your next party. seafood like it. Since few people eat the recommended two to three servings of fish per week, give this recipe a try and increase your weekly seafood consumption.

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Notes: PER SERVING: 180 calories >from Kitpath with a little help from mcbuster 2.0d Recipe by: Oaks at Ojai, CA 01/12/98 Posted to MC-Recipe Digest by KitPATh <phannema@...> on Mar 07, 1998

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