Arroz a banda

Yield: 4 to 6 servings

Measure Ingredient
10 \N -7/10 oz. squid
10 larges shrimp
1 teaspoon pimenton (sweet red pepper) 7/10 oz. olive oil
8 teaspoons mashed tomato
\N \N saffron 2/5 oz. rice
2 \N to 3 slices garlic
\N \N fish broth (between twice and three; times the amount

Peel the shrimp, saving the heads. Cut squid into small sgare pieces. Heat oil in large pan and fry shrimp heads, pressing on them with spoon. Remove heads and add squid. Once squid has goldened, we add the garlic very finely chopped. Without letting these golden, add tomato, then pimenton. Add rice and stir for three to five minutes, until the rice sounds like sand! Add the fish broth, saffron, and salt to taste. After 8-10 minutes, add another chopped garlic and peeled shrimps. Let still for 10-15 more minutes on low heat.

Prep. Time: :20 to :30

Total Time: :40

Preparation Time: 00:40

NYC Nutrilink: N0^00000,N0^00000,N0^00000,N0^00000 NYC Nutrilink: N0^00000,N0^00000,N0^00000,N0^00000 NYC Nutrilink: N0^00000

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