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Tripe is the muscular lining of the beef stomach. There are 4 kinds: the fat part of the belly called in France "gras double", partly honeycombed, dark and light honeycombed.

If you start from scratch cooking tripe is a long drawn out affair.

Fresh tripe must be cooked at least 12 hours. However you can also buy it pre- cooked so that all that is required is the final seasoning and heating. It may be pickled and served hot or cold in a marinade.

Cooked tripe may also be sprinkled with salt and paprika and dipped into fritter batter and deep fried. Good served with tartare sauce.

To prepare fresh tripe, trim if necessary. Wash it thoroughly, soaking overnight, and blanch it for ½ hr in salted water. Wash well again, drain and cut for cooking. When cooked it should be the texture of soft gristle provided that the heat is kept low and the tripe has not toughened.

From the Joy of Cooking. Posted by Jim Weller.

Submitted By JIM WELLER On 11-28-95

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