Yiddish for yankees v

Yield: 999 Servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Lotsa laffs

SHLOCK (shlock): Sleazy; cheap or badly run. A fly-by-night business. A shlock house is a house of ill repute, or sometimes used to describe a bad movie. SHMATEH (shmah teh): A rag. An old, tattered housedress. In NY, people refer to the garment business as the shmateh business. Your wife just bought a dress for $50 to wear to a party. She meets a friend who who has an Oleg Cassini dress on and paid $5,000 for it. She is paid a compliment by the friend with the Oleg Cassini dress, and her response is, "this old shmateh, just something I was giving to Goodwill". SHMEI-DREI (shmy-dry): Empty talk; baloney. "Shmei-drei, who cares?" SHMUTZ (shmutz): Dirt. Your mother-in-law wears her white gloves to your house, and runs her hand down the furniture looking for shmutz, so she can tell her daughter-in-law its time to clean. SHTICK (shtick): Literally, a piece.

Popularly, its a persons "thing" or habit. Dean Martin's sctick is booze.

With Don Rickles is insulting people. With some people its their MM.

SLIVOVITZ (slih vuh vits): A potent plum wine, served on holidays. Usually home made.

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