Tarnigolet tsabar (chicken al a sabra)

Yield: 6 To 8

Measure Ingredient
2 Boiling chickens - 2 1/1 - 3 lbs. each, cut into quarters
¼ cup Shortening
2 cups Fresh orange juice
1 cup Dry red wine
½ cup Olive liquor**
2 larges Sliced red onions
2 teaspoons Salt
¼ teaspoon Black pepper
1½ teaspoon Powdered thyme

Source: National Council of Jewish Women ....features chicken which is the most prevalent and popular meat in Israel. This "Chicken ala Sabra" is an original Israeli creation enriched by the most ingenious foods of the country: citrus, olives and onions.

Coat chicken pieces with mixture of flour, salt, pepper and paprika. Melt ¼ cup shortening in skillet, and lightly brown chicken. Remove chicken from skillet and place in large flat casserole. Add to skillet remaining ingredients. Simmer 3 minutes. Pour sauce over chicken. Bake chicken 1 hour at 350*F, basting occasionally with sauce. Spread ½ cup pitted oil-cured olives over chicken; continue baking 30 minutes more, or until tender.

**To make olive liquor; simmer 8 to 10 oil-cured olives in ¾ cup water for 10 minutes; strain and add liquor to sauce for chicken.

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