Tamales #4

Yield: 100 Servings

Measure Ingredient
12 pounds Masa
2 larges Pork roasts (about 6 lbs each)
1 large Beef rump roast
3 packs \"hojas\" (corn leaves/husks)
1 pack California whole chile pods (each pkg contains about 20-25 large dry pods)
1 pack New Mexico whole chile pods
½ pack Pasilla whole chile pods
2 tablespoons Cumino/cumin
\N \N Salt to taste

This recipe for Mexican tamales is a long, involved process! It takes, quite literally, 2 days to prepare. This is my mother's recipe, handed down from who-knows-how-many generations. My mother's tamales are the very best, and I'm not just saying that! ;) Follow this recipe -exactly- as written, no shortcuts!

Because the recipe is so very long and involved, I'll write the directions in order of steps. If you were very dedicated, you *could* do the tamales all in one day, but I highly recommend you take 2 days to do it.


1. Trim fat off the roasts

2. Rinse meat clean in sink

3. Submerge meat in water in boiling pot, and cook over medium heat for about 4 hours or until tender. (Each roast should need its own pot. Cook them all at the same time. Do not salt the water.) 4. Scoop off dried blood as it cooks.

5. When meat has completely cooled, remove bone and fat [save the cooked fat in its own bowl] and shred remaining meat. Place shredded meat in bowl.

6. IMPORTANT: Save _all_ of the broth! 7. Refrigerate everything for DAY TWO.

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