Sweet and sour oyster

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Sesame oil
\N \N Green pepper; chopped
\N \N Garlic; chopped
\N \N Carrot; chopped
\N \N Chicken stock
\N \N Soy sauce
1 dash Red wine vinegar
1 \N Pinches sugar
1 \N Egg
\N \N Cornflour
\N \N Flour
\N \N Salt
\N \N Chicken stock
12 \N Oysters



In a pan add oil, chopped green pepper, chopped garlic, chopped carrot, chicken stock, soy sauce, dash of red wine vinegar and pinch of sugar. Boil for a minute and simmer.

Make the batter by mixing all ingredients together. Drain juice from oysters, pat dry and add oysters to the batter. Deep fry for a minute, then remove.

Pour the sauce over the oysters, add more oil and stir. Heat through and serve.

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