Stollen cake

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
2 pounds Flour
2 ounces Yeast
\N \N Melted butter
\N \N Salt
1 teaspoon Ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon Ground nutmeg
1 teaspoon Ground ginger
1 \N Teacup of raisins mixed with chopped
\N \N ; crystallised oranges and lemons
1 \N Handful glace cherries
1 \N Handful almond flakes

Mix the flour, yeast, a little melted butter and salt together with enough water to make a firm dough. Leave to rise for two hours.

Take the dough and roll out into a thick slab. Then add one spice or fruit ingredient and fold the pastry over after each addition.

Shape into a rough log and bake in a medium oven for 70 minutes for a spicy Christmas treat that's been enjoyed in Austria and Germany for several hundred years.

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