Sri lankan veggie currie

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
3 cups Pumpkin (or squash); cut into two-inch cubes; with the skin on and the seeds removed
4 tablespoons Oil
2 tablespoons Chili powder (I used dried hab powder instead)
1 \N 1-inch cinnamon stick
2 \N Pods cardamon; crushed
2 \N Whole cloves
2 tablespoons Ground coriander
2 tablespoons Ground cumin
2 teaspoons Chopped garlic
2 teaspoons Gingerroot; grated
4 \N Green chiles (I used 8 yellow Bolivian Market Arivivis instead)
10 \N Curry leaves
\N \N Salt; to taste (about 2 tsp)
2 cups Water
1 cup Coconut milk

From: anthony rue <true@...>

Date: Sun, 4 Aug 96 22:00:46 -0000 In unrelated news, the Gainesville Hotluck was a low key event. After a month without a rainy day, we didn't have a dry hour yesterday. While the rain did help to keep the turnout low, we did have a bunch of Caribbean exchange students show up, bringing along all sorts of curries, stews, and Roti fillings. We were dancing to the soca beat until the park rangers came to toss us out. Thanks to the Capt'n Sleepy crew for sending along a few bottles of their best for us to sample. Oh, and here's the recipe for a Sri Lankan veggie currie that I brought along as one of my offerings: (from Fire and Spice: The Cusine of Sri Lanka, by Heather Jansz Balasuriya) Heat oil in skillet. Add the chili powder (or powdered chiles) and fry for a minute or less, being careful not to burn it. Add the remaining spices, vegetables, and the pumpkin pieces. Toss the mixture gently until the pumpkin is coated with the spice mixture. Salt to taste. Add the water and coconut milk, and simmer until the pumpkin is tender.


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