Spring rolls

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
½ pounds Lean Pork; shredded
½ pounds Bean sprouts
8 \N Large dried mushrooms
3¼ cup Oil
2 \N Celery stalk; sliced thin
3 tablespoons Soy sauce
2 teaspoons Sherry
1 teaspoon Ajinomoto or Accent
1 teaspoon Salt
2 teaspoons Cornstarch
4 tablespoons Water
20 \N Spring roll or Lumpia skins

Mix soy sauce, sherry, Ajinomoto, and salt. Marinate pork in this mixture. Drop sprouts in boiling water for 1 second then remove.

Clean and soak mushrooms. Squeeze dry and slice. Heat pan with 2 Tbsp. oil. Saute celery and sprouts 1 minute. Remove, reheat pan with 2 tbsp oil, saute pork and mushrooms 1 minute. Add vegetables and cook 2 minutes. Cool and spread 1½ Tbsp. on each skin. Fold edges.

Moisten with mixture of cornstarch and water and roll. Deep fry to golden brown.

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