Spaghetti con aglio, habenero e olio

Yield: 2 Servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Enough spaghetti; (or your favourite pasta) for two
2 \N Plump garlic cloves; finely chopped or crushed, (up to 4)
2 \N Red Habenero's; seeded, (unless you don't want to) & finely chopped
2 \N Good handfulls of chopped parsley; (up to 4)
\N \N Fresh coarsely grated parmesan or other full flavoured hard cheese; such as cheddar
2 tablespoons Extra virgin olive oil; (up to 3)
\N \N Fresh ground black pepper
\N \N Salt

Since this list is read by people using varying types of weights & measures, I shall use the intuitive method.

For two people;

Total cooking time is about 10-15 minutes (you can do all the prepAration while the pasta is cooking)

Cook the spaghetti until just before it is done. Drain. Heat the oil in a frying pan, add the garlic, stir a little, then add the chopped habenero.

Take the pan off the heat & throw the spaghetti in (this stops it splattering too much). Return to the heat & cook gently for a minute or so.

Add the parsley, season with salt & black pepper, and serve with the cheese on top (or add at the table - natch).

You can vary the amount or type of peppers you use (you could, for example, use red Scotch Bonnets!) Red is best as the fiery flecks look good against the white & green speckled pasta.

Serve with a green salad & a robust dry white wine - chilled.

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