Sourdough starter #15

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1¾ cup Flour
1¾ cup Water; warm (110-115f) wate
1 pack Yeast ; (not rapid rise, i
1 tablespoon Sugar

Mix well in glass, plastic or ceramic bowl.(use no metal) Sit on counter, cover with cloth and stir 3 x day for 5-10 days, until it separates into thick creamy bottom and a thin grey-yellow top (the 'wine'). Now ready to use. I store it on my counter as I use every 3 days or less. I store rarely used beer starter in fridge. Always feed (or replenish) every 10 days, either by removing 1 cup and throwing it away or giving away, and adding ¾ c flour and ¾ c water to remainder, or by stirring in 1 tsp sugar. I cover with a cheesecloth, doubled. The consistency ranges from thin cream to cake batter, depending on proportions of flour and water, and weather. Oh, the starter might look "dead" to you at times, but just replenish and see if it starts bubbling within about 4 hours, if so, it is still alive and kicking. Hope I got it all in, write if you need more info...


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