Roasted squabs

Yield: 6 squabs

Measure Ingredient
1 \N batch of stuffing for squabs no. 2; - with livers
6 \N squabs

Prepare Stuffing for Squabs, No. 2 - With Livers (see other recipe).

To prepare each squab: Cut off head close to neck. Clean and draw. Remove crop carefully. Loosen skin from breast, with fingers, from wishbone almost down to the bottom of the breastbone to form a pocket for the stuffing. Drop dressing from teaspoon down through the opening at the top of neck and fill pocket and neck. Tie at the top. Fasten legs to the back.

Place squabs close together in a pan with butter over the top. Place in a hot oven the first 5 minutes, reduce heat and bake ¾ hour or until tender, basting frequently.

Thicken drippings with flour, adding 2 tablespoons of sour cream if desired, to make gravy.

From The Settlement Cookbook, 1951 ed.

MMed by Dave Sacerdote, 3/96

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