Penne and asparagas

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
8 ounces Penne
½ pounds Asparagus; broken into bite sized lengths
Grated Parmesan
Hot Sauce
Crushed Red Pepper

(I use Pea Pods at other times of the year) Cook the Penne according to pkg directions. Steam/saute the Asparagus just until it turns a bright green :) Drain the Asparagus badly :) so that you retain a little of the cooking water. Mix Asparagus & Penne.

Add a few shakes each of Parmesan, Hot Sauce & Red Pepper and mix gently.

Taste & add more if you like.

My husband & my little greens eater like it best this way. She likes more cheese & he like more hot sauce. I really prefer asparagus plainer. I just steam/saute it, then right before I drain it I squeeze a lemon over the whole pan. After I drain it I add freshly ground black pepper. Then I eat it with my fingers. Eating it with your fingers is important!! Posted to fatfree digest by marya <marya@...> on Apr 10, 1998

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