Oven chicken with matzo dumplings pt 1

Yield: 8 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 \N Passover matzos
2 cups Cool water
1 tablespoon Butter
¾ cup Onion, minced
¾ cup Celery, minced
2 \N Eggs
3 tablespoons Parsley, chopped
1¼ teaspoon Salt
¼ teaspoon Pepper
4 tablespoons Matzo meal (up to 6)
2 \N Chickens--
\N \N (2 1/2 to 3 lbs. each)
1 cup Matzo cake meal
1¾ teaspoon Salt
½ teaspoon Sage
½ teaspoon Pepper
3 tablespoons Butter
1 large Onion, chopped fine
4½ cup Chicken broth, low sodium
4½ cup Water
⅓ cup Parsley, chopped



SEE PART 2 FOR DIRECTIONS. Recipe from Peggy Greenbaum of Rancho Mirage, CA. Formatted by Lynn Thomas dcqp82a. Source: Los Angeles Times 4-16-97.

Recipe by: Los Angeles Times 4-16-97 Sent to me by "Jack C. Elvis" <jackelvis@...> so I could check them out for formatting errors, originally posted to Prodigy.

By DCQP82A LYNN THOMAS Time: 3:43 PM on Apr 23, 1997

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