Oaxacan black mole (ingredients)

Yield: 10 servings

Measure Ingredient
2 larges Chickens -- cut serving pieces or one 7 pound turkey
2 smalls Garlic heads -- scored around middle
2 smalls White onions -- roughly sliced
6 \N Sprigs fresh mint
\N \N Sea salt -- to taste
¼ pounds Chilhuacles negros or guajillos
2 ounces Chiles pasillas
2 ounces Chiles mulatos
½ pounds Tomatoes -- broiled
1 cup Water
3 \N Whole cloves
3 \N Whole allspice
6 \N Sprigs fresh thyme -- leaves only
\N \N OR rounded 1/4 ts. dried
6 \N Sprigs fresh marjoram -- leaves only
\N \N OR rounded 1/4 ts. dried
2 tablespoons Oaxacan oregano
\N \N OR
1 tablespoon Mexican oregano
¾ cup Melted lard, or safflower oil
¼ cup Sesame seeds
¼ cup Shelled peanuts
10 eaches Unskinned almonds
¼ cup Raisins
1 small Onion -- thickly sliced
12 smalls Garlic cloves -- peeled and deveined
1 \N Very thick 3-inch cinnamon stick -- slivered
1 \N Skinned ripe plantain cut in thick slices
2 \N Crisp-fried corn tortillas
3 slices Dried French bread or semisweet roll, thick slices
2 ounces Mexican drinking chocolate
\N \N Sea salt -- to taste



Recipe By : Diana Kennedy's "The Art of Mexican Cooking" From: Dan Klepach Date: 06-16-95 (164) Fido: Home Co

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