Noisettes of lamb with truffle & lyonnaise

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
3 \N Noisettes; each 3 cm (1 3/8 in) thick, taken from a filleted saddle of lamb
3 \N Sprigs of parsley
20 grams Truffle; 3/4 oz
100 grams New Potatoes; 3 1/2 oz
20 grams Onions;finely sliced rings
1 x Egg yolk
\N \N Oil
15 grams Butter; unsalted
1 tablespoon Veal glaze
\N \N Salt
\N \N Pepper

Note - This recipe, which takes no time at all to cook, can be adapted for more than one person by an appropriate increase of all the ingredients except the egg yolk, which will glaze enough noisettes for six. Take care, too, to use frying pans that are large enough to allow plenty of room for tossing and turning the noisettes and the Lyonnaise potatoes.

You could substitute mushroom for truffle but, as Fredy Girardet would say, it won't be the same.


Chop the parsley very finely; you will need 2 tablespoons full pro serving.

Chop the truffle finely. Set a quarter of it aside for the sauce and mix the rest with the parsley.

Using a mandoline, slice the potatoes 2mm (1/16 in) thick. Separate the onion slices into rings.

Put the egg yolk into a little bowl. It is to be used as if for pastry glaze, so mix it with 1 teaspoon of water.


Season the noisettes. Brush each one with the egg yolk. then roll them in the parsley-and-truffle mixture, pressing well to make it stick.

Heat a little oil in a non-stick frying pan. Add the noisettes. Let them cook for 3 minutes, turning them once or twice, Add the butter and take the pan off the heat for 2 minutes to let it 'draw', then put the noisettes on to a heated plate. Set the pan and its juices aside.

Cook the Lyonnaise potatoes at the same time as you cook the meat.

Cook them in a large frying pan, in very hot oil, for 5 minutes in all, turning them often. Add the onion rings half-way through cooking.

To make the sauce, add the rest of the truffle and a scant tablespoonful of the veal glaze to the juices in the pan in which you cooked the meat. Let the mixture bubble up once. Season with salt and pepper.


Arrange the potatoes in the centre of a heated plate. Put the noisettes on top and pour the sauce all round.

From: Fredy Girardet, Cuisine spontanee, Papermac 1986, ISBN 0-333-40957-4

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