Memorable mousse cake

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
50 grams Cadbury's Bournville chocolate
225 grams Marzipan; (8oz)
200 millilitres Milk; (7fl oz)
125 grams Self raising flour; (4oz)
2 \N Eggs; separated
50 grams Caster sugar; (2oz)
200 grams Cadbury's Bournville chocolate
2 \N Eggs; separated
50 grams Caster sugar; (2oz)
60 millilitres Amaretto Liqueur; (3 Tbs)
10 millilitres Gelatine; (2 tsps)
284 millilitres Double cream; (1/2 pint)
\N \N Cadbury's cocoa
\N \N Two 20cm; (8 inch) cake tins,
\N \N ; greased and base
\N \N ; lined
\N \N A 20cm; (8 inch) deep, loose
\N \N ; based tin
\N \N A piping bag and nozzle



Make the cake by melting the chopped chocolate and marzipan with the milk in a pan, stirring until smooth. Beat in flour and egg yolks. Whisk egg whites stiffly then whisk with the sugar until as stiff again; fold into mixture, divide between the shallow tins. Bake at Gas Mark 4, 180øC, 350øF for about 50 minutes until firm. Cool slightly before turning out.

Melt half the chocolate for the filling, then stir in egg yolks, sugar and liqueur. Add gelatine dissolved in 2 tablespoons hot water. Fold in whisked egg whites and half the cream, whipped.

Place one cake in the deep tin, pour over filling and place the other cake on top. Refrigerate to set. Later, invert onto a plate.

Whip remaining cream, spread some over the top and sides, pipe whirls round the edge. Coat sides with grated chocolate, melt remainder and make leaves to complete the decoration. Dust with cocoa.

To make chocolate leaves select unblemished rose leaves or similar. Cover the underside with melted chocolate. When set, peel leaf away from the chocolate exposing the veined pattern.

Serve as a cake or dessert.

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NOTES : A deliciously rich recipe for a special occasion. Make the leaves in advance if preferred. Serves 8-10.

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