Lunchbag ideas

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Cheddar Cheese Muffins..Add 1 cup shredded cheese to your
\N \N Favorite plain muffin recipe.

Chilled Chicken Wings..Bake double batch of chicken wings in barbecue sauce for dinner, chillding leftover for lunches. Pack plenty of napkins!

Cottage cheese Dip..combine cottage cheese with packaged dip mix, serve with whole-wheat crackers or vegetable sticks.

Cucumber Canoes..Cut cucumbers in half lengthwise and scoop out seeds.

Fill with tuna salad and wrap tightly in plastic.

Cut-Out Sandwiches..Use cookie cutters to create whimsically shaped sandwiches. Or just cut them into five slender fingers.

Fruit and Cheese Kabobs..Thread fruit and cheese cubes on bamboo skewers and wrap in plastic.

Ham and Cheese Roll Ups..Layer same sized pieces of ham and cheese together, roll up tightly, serve on hot dog buns. (Donna's note: tried this one this week, kids *loved*!) Inside Out Sticks..Roll thin slices of lunch meat and cheese around individual bread sticks or slives of whole-wheat bread.

Last Minute Minestrone..Heat a large can of V8 juice with ½ cup pasta tubes until the pasta is tender. Add one package of frozen mixed vegetables, heat thoroughly. Add a pinch of chili powder for flavor.

Lunch Bag Fondue..Serve fruit and lightly toasted raisin bread cubes with fruit flavored yogurt as a chilled fondue.

Lunch Meat Wrappers..Wrap thin slices of lunch meat around vegetable sticks (carrots, celery, cucumber, jicama, zucchini, or even steamed asparagus, green beans or potato wedges).

Meat and Cheese Cut Outs..Alternately layer same-sized slices of lunch meat and cheese in stacks of four layers. Use cookie cutters to create whimsical shapes. Serve with whole wheat crackers or bread.

Meatball Boats..Serve leftover meatballs (???) in hollowed out hard rolls coated with condiments like ketchup or mustard.

Orange Cup Fruit Salad..Cut an orange in half and remove all the segments with a sharp paring or grapefruit knife. Use the empty shell as cup for mixed fresh fruit salad.

P.B. Pita Roll Ups..Cut around the perimeter of whole-wheat pita bread, creating two separate pita bread circles. Spread the inside with peanut butter and roll up, jelly roll fashion.

P.B. Tortilla Roll Ups...Spread thin flour tortillas with peanut butter and roll up.

Quiche Wedges or Bites..Cut leftover quiche in wedges or cubes and wrap tightly in plastic.

Tacos..Fill crisp taco shells or soft corn tortillas with chilled, cooked ground turkey meat, shredded cheese, diced tomato, shredded lettuce or other desired taco fillings.

Tortellini and Cheese Kabobs...Thread chilled cooked tortellini and cheese cubes on bamboo skewers. Add cherry tomatoes for color.

Whole Wheat Biscuits with Cheese..Add whole wheat flour or wheat germ to your favorite baking powder biscuit recipe. Serve with handpacked crocks (paper cups) of cheddar cheese spread." Submitted By SHARON STEVENS On 02-08-95

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