Layered pear cream cheese mold

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 can (16 ounces) pear halves; undrained
1 pack (8-serving size) or 2 packages; (4-serving size) JELL-O Brand Lime flavor Gelatin Dessert
1½ cup Cold ginger ale or water
2 tablespoons Lemon juice
1 pack (8 ounces) PHILADELPHIA BRAND Cream Cheese; softened
¼ cup Chopped pecans

Carbonated beverages add pizzazz to molded gelatin salads. Club soda fruit favored sparkling water, ginger ale or lemon lime flavored drinks can be substituted for all or part of the cold water.

Guests will enjoy this beautiful emerald-topped mold flavored with a hint of ginger.

DRAIN pears, reserving liquid. Dice pears; set aside. Add water to liquid to make 1½ cups; bring to boil in small saucepan.

STIR boiling liquid into gelatin in large bowl at least 2 minutes until completely dissolved. Stir in cold ginger ale and lemon juice. Reserve 2 ½ cups gelatin at room temperature. Pour remaining gelatin into 5-cup mold. Refrigerate about 30 minutes or until thickened (spoon drawn through leaves definite impression). Arrange about ½ cup of the diced pears in thickened gelatin in mold.

Stir reserved 2 ½ cups gelatin gradually into cream cheese in large bowl with wire whisk until smooth. Refrigerate about 30 minutes or until slightly thickened (consistency of unbeaten egg whites). Stir in remaining diced pears and pecans. Spoon over gelatin layer in mold.

REFRIGERATE 4 hours or until firm. Unmold. Garnish as desired. makes 10 servings

Recipe by: Jell-O

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