Goddess enchiladas

Yield: 16 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pack Tortillas, Corn (white best)
1 pounds Cheese, cheddar
1 \N Onion
1 \N Jalapeno
1 can Chili (jalapeno if you can)
1 can Enchilada sauce

(The can of chili and enchilada sauce is for "lazy way" sauce, if you want the non-lazy way sauce, ask somebody else, I always make lazy way.)

Chop or grate your onion and jalapeno pretty fine and mix with the cheese, which you have shredded. I usually use about a pound of cheese for a lasagne pan full of enchiladas, and about 16-24 tortillas. Do NOT wipe your eyes at this point. Trust me. Wash your hands if your eyes are itchy.

Now set up an assembly line. From left to right (or right to left if you're left-handed) put tortillas, your fry pan, paper towels for draining grease, the cheese/onion/pepper mixture and your casserole dish. Don't ask me why you have to do it this way, but if you don't, this is a really major pain.

Put some grease in your fry pan. You're supposed to use lard, but I just can't do it (although that's why enchiladas taste better when you get them out, I think), I use Mazolla or something like that. Get the grease pretty hot but not smoking. For each enchilada do this: 1. Put one tortilla in the hot grease and let it bubble a little bit, enough to get it really really hot, but not enough to get it crispy.

Do both sides. Pull it out and pitch it on your paper towels.

2. Quickly, before it gets hard, put a handful of the cheese/onion/pepper mix (which is really mostly cheese) and roll it up.

3. Put your rolled up enchilada in your casserole dish and start with the next one.

When you run out of tortillas, cheese, or space in the casserole dish, turn off the grease. You're done with that part. Now dump the can of chili and the can of enchilada sauce in a pan (NOT the fry pan) and heat it through. Dump that on top of all your enchiladas in your casserole pan. Spread whatever cheese you have left on top.

Cover it with foil. If you don't want to eat real soon, put it in the refrigerator, these seem to taste better if they sit for a couple of hours, but you can bake 'em now if you want.

About 30 minutes before you want to eat (about now?) put the dish in the oven and heat. Don't let the bottom get too hot, or you'll have tough enchiladas. Say, about 20 minutes at 350? Something like that.

Source: Janet Margul

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