Edible flowers information (chef's notes)

Yield: 1 servings

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Source: The National Culinary Review, June'94 Edible flowers seem to be either loved or hated by many of the chefs to whom I have spoken over the past few months. As flowers enter their peak season, the subject of edible flowers in cooking is worthy of discussion in relation to whether their function is simply to add color (at this point, the nay-sayers raise their flag due to the minimal flavour impact that many flowers possess) or scent and flavour as many regular users suggest. The truth to this matter lies not in how we as professional chefs feel about using flowers, but in how our customers precieve and accept them. Ultimately, as always, reality lies with customer contact and satisfaction. Some usages for edible flowers in cooking include; Dry flower petals in vinaigrettes. Ground dry flower petals in seasoned flour for coating foods. Pureed fresh flowers in sauces. Flower juice (roses work well) for enhancing broths. Stuffed flowers (such as squash blossoms). Sweet flower petals in dessert preparations. Try to use flowers from sources rich in flavour. James E. Griffin, M.S, CWC, CCE. Submitted By SHERREE JOHANSSON On 10-23-94

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