Deep fried turkey

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
¼ cup Soy sauce
¼ cup Water
¼ cup Myseasoning[tm]
4 tablespoons Louisiana Hot Sauce (NOT Tabasco - use 1 TBSP Tabasco instead)
1 cup Dried chives
1 cup Dried parsley flakes
1 cup Restaurant black pepper
1 cup Granulated garlic
\N 5 Gals Peanut Oil



Here is a recipe I got from another list by Charlie..I,m gonna try it. A small bar here does this every year......excellent (of course they use different spices)


Deep boiling pot - 10 Gal or so, WITH LID Crab Boiler Burner - (about 100K Btu) 50 CC syringe or meat injector With a BIG BORE needle Meat Thermometer

1- Coat hanger

BIG box of baking soda and fire extinguisher....

MARINADE: Mix soy sauce, water, Myseasoning[tm], Louisiana Hot Sauce (NOT Tabasco - use 1 TBSP Tabasco instead)......Put in blender and whiZz it till it will shoot through the needle. strain out any big pieces. <See recipe below for Myseasoning>. Or - you can use almost any liquid marinade you like.

PREPARATION: Make sure the turkey is defrosted if frozen, and inject about ½ to ¾ cup of the marinade into the meaty portions of a 12-13 Lb turkey, cover and put in the refrig for about 3-4 hours. Put a Coathanger through the backbone of the turkey and arrange it so it can lift the turkey out of the hot oil. Put a meat thermometer into the breast portion of the turkey where it can be seen from the rear end.

COOKING: Find a clear, outdoor spot where you can cook the turkey, preferably away from the house....(5 Gallons of burning peanut oil is a sight to see, especially inside the house)......

Set up the burner so it will produce Maximum heat (I hook mine up straight from the bottle with no regulator) and put the pot on, and put the oil on the heat. <Make sure the baking soda and Fire extinguisher are handy. The Baking soda makes a good, non-messy fire extinguisher for small fires>.

Bring the oil to heat (375F), TURN OFF THE FIRE. Slowly immerse the whole COLD turkey into the pot, being careful not to get splashed by the hot oil, AND DON'T DROP THE COLD TURKEY IN ONE PLUNK. If you put it in too fast, it will cause the oil to boil over all over everything. Turn the heat back on, cover the pot, and fry the turkey till the thermometer is at 190F, and the outside is golden brown, (about 25-30 minutes). Turn off the Fire, remove the turkey by its handle and hang it up over the pot to allow the oil to run off.

Let it cool for about 15 minutes and Carve -- you'll love it....

NOTES- This will produce one of the most flavorful, juicy turkeys you ever tasted. The quick cooking of the hot oil saves all the internal juices and the outside parts are golden crispy brown.

MYSEASONING(TM)(salt free): Put parsley flakes and chives in food processor. Whizz them until they are small enough to fit through the holes in a salt shaker.

Add garlic and black pepper. Whizz the whole thing for about 2 mins, or until all the components are small enough to fit through a salt shaker.

put in shakers or spice containers with shake and pour spouts.

when you use it - add as much as your taste buds tell you. Add your own salt to taste.


1- Season meats early- allow to dry marinate overnite in the fridge, or for 30-60 mins at room temp when you cook them.

2- Make instant garlic/seasoned bread : slice french loaf in half, butter lightly, sprinkle on MYSEASONING (tm) and put in oven at 375F until the butter melts, or under the broiler until brown to taste.

3- Great on eggs and omelettes. 4- Make the best hamburger and meat balls in the world - add MYSEASONING(tm) and salt to hamburger meat, shape the patties and/or meatballs, freeze the excess, and use whenever needed for a quick work evening meal.

5- Add a Tablespoon of MYSEASONING(tm) to rice when you cook it for a delicious change of pace.

6- For bread recipes, add about 2 Tbsp per pound of bread dough for great seasoned buns and rolls.

[From "Charlie's Recipes and Other Funny Stories" By Charles C. LeBlanc] COPYRIGHT 1994 CHARLES C. LEBLANC Posted to EAT-L Digest 20 November 96 Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 10:58:00 -0600 From: Corbin <corbin@...>

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