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Yield: 1 servings

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Any quick bread type cake can be baked in canning jars. (See recipes I have
Copied for Rhonda Roman, I sent them in on Oct. 6th. These came from this

a month or so ago.) Bake one jar first++you want to see how high the batter rises, then go from there. You don't want the cake to come out of the top of

the jar, only to within ¼ to ½ inch from the lip of the jar.

Write it down

on your recipe so you'll know how high to fill them in the future.

Most of the

recipes tried take 8 jars. Sterilize as many jars as you'll think you'll need

and go from there. Make sure your LIDS are new, the rings don't have to be. The

cakes sealed this way will be as moist as the day you baked them.

Sometimes more so. The baking times will vary ++ the moistness of each cake recipe will

determine the time. MOST of the recipes bake in 35 to 40 min. Start checking

the cakes at 25 to 30 min. and go from there.

Yes the cakes DO slide easily out of the jars IF you use Ball 12 oz.


Crystal Canning Jars (#14400-81400). They can be found at most grocery stores

next to the pectin and other canning supplies. Plain straight-sided jars work

well, but are not as pretty and you have to make your own labels++the jars recommended come with decorative labels. Get your jars now! They will be gone

soon as the holiday approaches. They are NOT cheap. . . so you may want to ask

folks for them back, and they will want them refilled! (grin) There will be a little condensation on the lids and some in the jars so when

you seal them it's trapped inside. Don't worry about getting the water off of

the lids before placing them onto the jars, the added moisture doesn't hurt the

cakes in the slightest. Quick bread-type cakes work best, lighter cakes tend


fall when sealed. Jar lids and rings should be boiled for 15 minutes and left


Submitted By PAT STOCKETT On 12-13-95

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