Aphid poison

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 cup Rubbing alcohol
3 cups Water
⅛ cup Dawn dishwashing detergent

NOPE! This isn't a recipe.....but I sure wanted to keep this! --Glen Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 16:47:11 -0800 From: Brent Thompson <brent@...> > Are spiders harmful to plants? No, they are beneficial, since they eat pests which attack/damage plants.

Except when they are babies, which can confound the picture for maybe a day or two, spiders mostly are larger than, say, ⅛" across (finger-to-toe), and don't travel in herds. > I recently moved to a new apt, and my > plants are now the home to many small spiders. From what I've read, > these don't seem to be spider mites, but I'm not certain. Spraying > with soap cured the problem for about an hour. Any advice? Many mites, on the other hand, e.g. spider mites, are in the set of damage causers. Different types of spider mites vary of course, but most are 1mm or smaller across (finger-to-toe), and once established tend to exist in great population densities, like hundreds per leaf.

There are biological controls for spider mites, including various predatory mites.

Mark Andersen <mnanders@...> wrote on 13Jan96 that aphids and fungus gnats are controlled by spraying with a mixture of: 1 C. rubbing alcohol 3 C. water ⅛ C. Dawn dishwashing detergent so maybe this will work for spider mites, too. I'll probably try it this year -- last summer spider mites ate up all my eggplant plants. The life cycle of spider mites is such that mite control spray programs usually specify spraying at least three times, a week apart.

~-- Brent


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