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* Cellophane noodles: Aka bean thread; mung bean flower noodles. Soak in hot water first before using, but not before frying. Do not boil.

Good in soups and stir-fries. * Rice flour noodles: Aka Mai fun (like angel hair pasta). Good for stir-frying. * Chow fun: lg noodles; toss with vegetables and meat. Dried noodles: Aka Rice sticks. Don't boil before using. Thin- soak in warm water to soften; thick- cover with boiling water, let stand to soften. In hot oil these are the noodles that will puff up. Wheat Noodles: Fresh-- Cantonese style, aka regular mein or lo mein noodles (will say so on pkg), can be thick or thin. Cook to taste, 4 mins or so in boiling water to soften. Do not cook Chinese noodles al dente; they must be soft. Typed by Sherilyn Schamber

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