Which rack is right?

Yield: 1 servings

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1.If your souffle come out lookinglike a crushed top hat, or your pizza crust

turns out soggy, don't despair. The solution could be as simple as repositioning the racks in your oven.

2.Foods such as souffles, which rely on intense heat to bake and reach their

maximum volume, bake best in the upper third of the oven. Set the oven rackon the second highest position to allow the souffle enough room to expand

to its fullest height.

3.Other foods, such as pizza crusts, pies and slow cooking casseroles,fare better in the bottom third of the oven, with the oven rack set on the second

lowest setting.

4.When baking two trays simultaneously, either of cookies, cakes or buns,be sure to bake one tray on the middle rack and the other tray on the next lowest rung. Baking two trays on the same level placed next to each other obstructs the heat flow and produces uneven or underbaked cookies. For best results, always switch rack postitions halfway through the baking time.

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