Vegetable moussaka

Yield: 8 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 mediums Eggplants
\N \N Little salt
1 medium Onion; minced
1 can (19-oz) chickpeas; drained
1 can (28-oz) tomatoes
1 tablespoon Dried oregano
1 tablespoon Dried basil
½ teaspoon Cinnamon
½ teaspoon Pepper
1 tablespoon Parmesan (this can be left out)
1 pounds Tofu
1 medium Onion; quartered
2 \N Egg whites
1 pinch Nutmeg


Date: Wed, 24 Apr 96 07:33 PDT

From: tmead@...

This is a recipe I cut from a newspapter quite sometime ago and thought the list might enjoy it.

Slice eggplants lengthwise into ¼" slices:sprinkle with a little salt.Let drain in colander for 30 minutes.Bake on greased baking sheets at 350 degree oven for 15 minutes.Turn and bake a further 15 minutes.

In nonstick pan,cook onion and garlic,stirring for 2 minutes.Add chick peas,mashing slightly.Stir in tomatoes,oregano,basil,cinnamon,pepper and a little salt.Bring to boil.Reduce to simmer,cook uncovered for 20 minutes,stirring occasionally.Process in food processor until mixture resembles coarse meal.

Lightly spray 9 X 13 pan with Pam.Layer half the eggplant,then all the chickpea mixture,a little parmesan.(I used bread crumbs-very dry ones),then the remaining eggplant.

Topping:in food processor,puree tofu,onion,egg whites and nutmeg.Spread over Moussaka.Sprinkle with a little parmesan(I used bread crumbs seasoned with a little oregano and pepper).

Bake in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes.Serves 8. For extra texture,you can use grilled green peppers,zucchini to the eggplant layer.I might try mushrooms also next time.


From the Fatfree Vegetarian recipe list. Downloaded from Glen's MM Recipe Archive, .

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