Squash risotto

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
750 grams Winter squash or a wedge of pumpkin
1 \N Onion; chopped
75 grams Butter
1¼ litre Chicken or vegetable stock
4 \N Fresh sage leaves; torn up
350 grams Arborio rice
2 mediums Sized tomatoes; skinned seeded and
\N \N ; chopped
1 large Glass dry white wine
\N \N Black pepper; freshly ground
2 tablespoons Fresh parsley; chopped
2½ tablespoon Parmesan cheese; freshly grated
\N \N ; (optional)
\N \N Extra Parmesan cheese; freshly grated


Cut the squash into 1cm cubes, discarding skin and seeds. In a heavy-based saucepan, large enough to take all the ingredients with room to spare, cook the onion in half the butter until tender, without browning.Meanwhile bring the stock to the boil in a separate pan. Turn the heat down as low as possible to keep hot, without actually boiling.

Add the sage and pumpkin to the onion and stir for about a minute before adding the rice. Continue stirring for another minute then add the tomatoes, wine, salt and pepper, and simmer, stirring until the liquid is evaporated. Add a couple of ladlefuls of the hot stock. Simmer, stirring until the liquid has evaporated. Repeat until the rice is tender but still al dente. Stir in the remaining butter, parsley, Parmesan (if using) and more pepper and salt if needed.

Let it sit for a minute or so, then serve with more Parmesan to hand round if you like.

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