Soapmaking hints

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Here are some important tips to remember when soapmaking. Some warnings about handling LYE. Read the precautions on the can. The antidote for lye should you get it on the skin is to apply vinegar to the area. Vinegar is acid and neutralizes the lye which is alkaline.

Lye can burn skin, remove paint and generate heat up to 200 degrees.

You will want to have rubber gloves on hand and maybe even goggles to protect the eyes. Rule of thumb always ADD LYE TO WATER never WATER TO LYE. Add lye to water while stirring to prevent it from hardening in the bottom of the container. USE ONLY heat- proof stone, glass, enamel, or stainless steel containers.

For stirring use rubber, plastic or wooden spoons. When you add lye to cold water it will heat to 200 degrees by itself. Should it get cooler than the recipie calls for never heat lye water in the microwave. Set the container in a sink of hot water. Origin: Crafting Echo Shared by: Donna Merrill

Submitted By SHARON STEVENS On 10-07-94

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