Smoking salmon and trout part xii - making seelachs

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Seelachs: or ersatz salmon are salted, sliced thin, then dyed and smoked white fish. they can be made from fresh, frozen or salted white fish. Fillet the fish skin on. For ling keeping, hard salt the fillets. For immediate use dry salt. Then freshen the fish. Slice the fish as thin as possible. Dye the slices using a solution of 5 oz water, 30 drops red food color dye and 45 drops yellow food dye.

Dying time varies from 15 min to an hour. Test by cutting a slice to check penetration every 15 min. Drain the pieces well. Cold smoke 30 to 60 min or 1 to 2 hrs natural draft. Pack the slices on olive or any vegetable oil. Refrigerate. It will last up to one month if fairly salty. Completely freshened fish is more perishable.

Extracted from: Smoking Salmon & Trout by Jack Whelan. Published by: Airie Publishing, Deep Bay, B.C. ISBN: 0-919807-00-3 Posted by: Jim Weller Submitted By JIM WELLER On 11-03-95

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