Right in the oven smoking

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
3 tablespoons Liquid smoke
1 6 qt pan or casserole with tight fitting lid
20-25 minutes
1 Steamer or rack that fits inside pan
Meat or fish to smoke
40 to 50
thigh, cut to
1-1/4 to
thigh, cut to
1 to 1-1/4
at thickest
reads 160; not
pink. 35 to
cut to test
25 to 30
of thickest
15 to 20

Now you can have the smoked effect and similar flavor without a fire using your oven. The technique is called oven-smoking and the ingredient that makes it possible is "liquid smoke". This preparation flavors foods, but it does not preserve them as true smoking-brining folled by partial drying does.

The pale liquid, slold in small bottles alongside seasoning sauces in the supermarket, is actually made from smoke. As the wood burns, the smoke is captured intubes, where it cools and condenses, and then is filtered and bottled. It comes in several flavors.

Oven smoking is actually a combination of baking and steaming. The equipment is simple: a f to 6 quart pan with a tight lid and a rack that will fit inside. All you do is pour a small amount of liqid smoke in the pan, set foods you want to smoke on the rack, cover and bake. As the smoke evaporates it permeates the food. A little goes a long way and it tastes stronger when the food is cold.

Oven smoked foods will keep well for a few days. To store wrap securely to prevent smoke flavor from permeating other items in your refrigerator.

Here are some foods you can oven smoke: FOODS TO TRY: MAXIMUM SIZE OR AMOUNT WHEN THEY ARE DONE Whole chicken breasts 4 half-breasts White in center (1 lb ea) boned (cut to test) skinned cut in half

Chicken Legs 4 legs No longer pink at (thigh w/drumstick 1-½ to 2 lbs total : thigh, cut to test


Whole Fryer Chicken 3 to 3-½ lbs No longer pink at


1-½ hrs

Game hens 2 (2-⅓ to 3lbs total) No longer pink at



Pork Tenderloin 1 to 2 lbs total Meat thermometer


40 min

Pork chops 4, each 1" thick No longer pink minutes

Mussels 18; about 1lb total shells open, about well scrubbed 15 minutes beards removed

Steamer Clams 18; about 1-½ lbs total Shells open wide well scrubbed about 15 minutes

Trout, whole 10 to 11" each; 1lb total Opaque in center



Salmon steak or 1" thick steaks; or Same as trout: Fillet, skin removed 3/4lb fillet 15 to 25 minutes

Thin skinned potatoes 3 or 4 large Tender when scrubbed and cut in (1-½ to 2 lbs total) pierced; about 45

Found by Fran McGee Source: Sunset Magazine March 1987 half lengthwise

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