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How To Select and Bake the Perfect Potato Did you know that the average American consumes 125 pounds of potatoes a year? Maybe if former Vice President Dan Quayle ate more potatoes he would have have told some school children the correct spelling of the word. Ok, so what about Idaho's best. Well, potatoes are a nutritious, low-fat food that we seem to be eating faster than we can peel'em or bake'em. Kim Johnson Gross, a cookbook author gives us the inside scoop on preparing a delicious, healthy spud. So this spud's for you!!! Selection Start with the right potatoes. Waxy new potatoes are good for boiling.

Floury brown potatoes with a tough skin are great for mashing. Russets or Idaho are the best for baking. Make sure potatoes are not green. Storing And Cleaning Keep potatoes out of plastic! Place in a paper bag and store in a dry, dark place. Do not store in refrigerator. When ready to cook, rub off the dirt with a damp towel or scrub with a brush. Baking Tips Pierce skin with a fork. Do not forget to do this if you plan to microwave a potato. Rub with margarine or a small amount of olive oil, then bake.

Immediately open a hot potato to allow the steam to escape, which prevents a mushy potato. Do not wrap in foil: that holds the steam causing limp, damp skin.

Gross likes the creative possibilities with stuffed baked potatoes. Such fillers Gross suggests are: broccoli, mushrooms, low-fat cheeses, non-fat sour cream and margarine, to name just a few! Be creative and pick your favorite veggies and load 'em on! Healthy Recipes are provided by Our Home.

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