Part-baked rolls and loaves

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 Rolls

Both home-baked white and wheatmeal rolls can be frozen partly baked. This is a very successful way of freezing rolls as the frozen rolls can be put straight from the freezer into the oven to finish baking. It is the best method of freezing rolls to serve for breakfast. Loaves are not so successful as rolls because during part-baking the crust becomes well formed and colored before the center of the loaf is set. Part-baked loaves and rolls available in shops freeze well.


Place shaped and risen rolls in a slow oven, Gas No. 2 (300 degrees F/150 degrees C), for about 20 minutes. The rolls must be set but still pale in color. Cool.


Pack cooled rolls in usable quantities in freezer bags. Seal and freeze. As the sides of the rolls are still slightly soft, care must be taken when packing to avoid squashing.


Up to 4 months.


Unwrap and place frozen rolls in oven to thaw and complete baking. Bake white rolls at Gas No. 6 (400 degrees F/200 degrees C), brown rolls at Gas No. 8 (450 degrees F/230 degrees C) for 20 minutes. Alternatively, to defrost the loaf in the microwave, stand uncovered on paper towel and heat on defrost for 2 minutes, then leave for 5 minutes. Slice and leave for 1-2 minutes, until completely defrosted. The remainder of the loaf can be refrozen.


Freeze immediately after purchasing. Leave loaves in polythene bags in which they were sold. Pack rolls in polythene bags and seal.


Up to 4 months.

Note: Many commercial part-baked rolls and bread can be stored at room temperature. Follow instructions on the pack.

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