Par-cooked balti lamb

Yield: 16 servings

Measure Ingredient
6 pounds Lamb steak; cut in 1 1/4 in cubes and weighed nett.
2½ cup Stock or water
4 tablespoons Balti masala paste

Using a large lidded casserole dish, bring the stock or water to the boil. Add the meat and the paste and bring to a simmer, stirring as needed. Put the lidded dish into the oven, pre-heated to 375F/190C/Gas 5.

Cook for 20 mins. Inspect and stir, adding a little water if needed. cook for 20 more minutes. Test for tenderness; it should still have a bite, and not be quite ready. If not yet at this stage, continue cooking a while longer.

When it is at this stage, remove from the casserole, strain and reserve the liquid. Cool down the meat, divide into containers and freeze. Alternatively, some or all of the par-cooked meat can be used to carry on with the Balti meat recipes. The stock should also be frozen in suitable portions and used to make a tasty curry sauce, or in recipes.

NB Other meats can be cooked in exactly the same way, adjusting the cooking time as required. Pieces of meat on the bone will require more time too. Try Beef, Venison, Mutton, Pork and even Goat! Submitted By IAN HOARE On 05-07-95

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