Melanzane alla cioccolata (chocolate eggplants)

Yield: 4 To 6

Measure Ingredient
1 kilograms Melanzane; cut in thin vertical slices
\N \N Salt
\N \N Flour
1 \N Beaten eggs (up to 2)
½ \N Lemon; grated lemon rind from
100 grams Sugar
50 grams Candied citrus; finely diced
30 grams Candied orange rinds; finely diced
30 grams Peeled almonds crushed
25 grams Semi-sweet chocolate chips
2 \N Ameretto biscuts; crushed
2 teaspoons Cinnamon
½ litre Milk
100 grams Sugar
50 grams Bitter cocoa powder


Put some salt on the melanzane slices to remove the bitterness and leave them in a strainer for at least a couple of hours. Rinse and dry them with a cloth. Dust with flour and then coat with beaten egg. Fry to a golden color and while still hot pass the slices in a coating made with the sugar, cinammon and lemon rind.

Prepare the sauce dissolving sugar and cocoa powder in hot milk and let boil on a gentle heat for ½ hour. Let cool.

Mix the biscuts, chocolate chips, almonds and candied fruit. Finally, in a covenient plate/baking dish or similar, pour some chocolate sauce to cover the bottom. Then put a layer of melanzane, one of the candied fruit mixture and one of chocolate sauce. Repeat 3 times ending with all the remaining chocolate sauce.

Cover with saran wrap and let stand in the fridge for at least one day.

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