Glossary of indian cooking terms #5

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Measure Ingredient
(piper betle); also the digestive
preparation made with betel leaf
patta), lime paste, catechu, and
which may also include coconut flakes,
fennel, clove, cardamon, tobacco, and
gulkand, and be covered with silver
yogurt, flavored with fried black
small pieces
and kneading dough, cleaning dal or
rice, and preparing and cutting
religion (primarily centered at
the state of Maharashtra), with
as prophet. Parsees fled from their
Persian homeland between the eighth
twelfth centuries to escape religious
persecution by Moslem rulers
peas, and coconut milk, a specialty
southern regions
garnished with pistachio nuts
bone structure similar to flounder
with spices, meat, chicken, or
in the eastern regions of India
in South India
with seasoned yogurt
pistachio-flecked cream sauce
moghul spices, a Kashmiri specialty
and spices
preparation from North India
flavored with spices

Paan leaves of the betel pepper plant (paan ka

betel nut,


Paani water Pachadi yogurt salad made with raw vegetables and


Pakode fritters Palak spinach greens Paneer Chenna compressed into a cake and cut into

Papad lentil wafers Papeeta papaya Paraath large high-rimmed platter used for mixing



Paratha griddle-fried whole-wheat flaky bread Parsee follower of the Persian Zoroastrian Bombay in



Pasanda Kabab same as Barra Kabab Pateela handless saucepan used for general cooking

Payasam pudding made with yellow mung beans, split

of the

Peda/Pede milk fudge molded into small pillows and

Peela yellow Phool Badi tapioca or sago wafers; rice wafers Phool Gobhi cauliflower Phulka baked whole-wheat puffed bread Piaz onion Pista pistachio Pitthi spicy bean stuffing used in Kachauri Podina mint Pomfret non-oily firm-fleshed fish with size and

Poori deep-fried puffy bread Pullao pilaf - basmati rice cooked in ghee or oil


Punch-phoron spice blend used for flavoring vegetables

Pappadam puffy lentil wafers, a specialty of Malabar

Rabadi thickened milk sauce made by cooking down

Rabadi Dooth milk enriched with rabadi Rai mustard Raita raw or cooked vegetables or fruits mixed

Raja king Rajma red kidney beans Ram Tulsi white basil Rang color Ras Malai dessert of cheese dumplings in Rasam spicy lentil broth, a specialty of the Rasedar vegetables in thin gravy Rasooi kitchen Rogan Josh lamb braised in yogurt and cream with Rogani Gosht rich meat dish made with cream, usli ghee,

Roi a local fish sold in Bag Bazaar in Calcutta

Roti bread Ruh essence Sabat Moong green whole mung beans Sabat Urad black whole gram beans Sabzi vegetables; also stir-fried vegetable Sabziwala vegetable seller Sada plain Safaid white Saag greens Salan spicy gravy Sambaar vegetable and lentil stew with tamarind,

Sambaar podi blend of hot spices used for flavoring Classic Indian Cooking by Julie Sahni ISBN 0-688-03721-6 Submitted By DIANE LAZARUS On 11-02-94

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