Freezing cheeses

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\N \N ---------> source <---------
\N \N \"Complete Book of Home
\N \N Freezing\" by Arthur Collins
\N \N \"Putting Food By\", by
\N \N Hertzberg,Vaughan, & Greene
\N \N Shared by Dorothy Hair 5/94

========================> Freezing Cheeses <========================= ===================> "Complete Book of Home Freezing" <=============== Do not attempt to freeze a large brick or wheel of cheese without slicing or cutting it into portions, for cheese has a tendency to crumble if it is cut while in the frozen state. Repackage cheeses in sizes sufficient for a day's supply (if cottage cheese) or a week's (Cheddar). Cheddar and other hard cheeses can be cut into half pound wedges or sliced for sandwiches. Wrap wedges in plastic film and then in heavy laminated freezer paper. Be sure to slip double or folded thicknesses of cellophane between slices before wrapping and freezing them. Cheddar and other hard cheeses will keep up to six months.

Defrosting should be done in its wrapper, in the refrigerator.

========================> "Putting Food By" <========================= Cheeses that freeze well are Camembert, Port du Salut, Mozarella, Liederkrantz and Parmesan.

Cheeses with a high fat content (such as Cheddar, Swiss and American brick, etc.) are best kept at refrigerator temperatures (32 to 40 degrees F/ Zero to 4 C) If you have more than you can use, soon though, cut it into ½ pound (or less) pieces, wrap each piece tightly, label and freeze.

Plain cream cheese (fatty) mixed with cream for dips, etc. will freeze satisfactorily.

If the curds of cottage cheese are not washed, it keeps quite well.

This means you can freeze homemade cottage cheese, but not the commercial kind. But it too, may be combined with other ingredients in a gelatin salad for freezing.

=========================> Notes and Credits <======================== Source: "Complete Book of Home Freezing" by Arthur C. Collins, 1959"Putting Food By" by Ruth Hertzberg, Beatrice Vaughan, and Janet Greene, The Stephen Greene Press Third edition 1982 ISBN 0-89043-119-1 Consumers Union edition, first printing 1982 [shared by Dorothy Hair Davis, 5/94] Submitted By BARRY WEINSTEIN On 08-26-95

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