Emeril's funky duck moo shu

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Two duck breasts, panseared
\N \N To medium rare
\N \N Olive oil for sauteing
1 teaspoon Finely chopped fresh ginger
1 cup Carrot sticks
1 cup Thinly shredded white
\N \N Cabbage
¼ cup Chicken stock
¾ cup Tamarind Glaze, recipe
\N \N Follows, in all.
1 teaspoon Cornstarch
6 larges ( 8-inch) green onion crepes
\N \N Any standard savory crepe
\N \N Recipe with
\N \N The addition of finely
\N \N Chopped green onions
\N \N Chopped green onions, for
\N \N Garnish
\N \N Tamarind Glaze:
2 tablespoons Tamarind concentrate
2 tablespoons Ketchup
1 teaspoon Chili powder
3 tablespoons Water
¼ cup Molasses
1 teaspoon Minced garlic

Combine glaze ingredients and set aside.

Slice the duck into thin pieces. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a saute pan, add the duck, and cook 1 minute. Add the ginger, carrots, and cabbage, cook for 2 minutes. In a small bowl combine the stock, 1 tablespoon of the tamarind glaze, and the cornstarch, work into a smooth paste. Add it to the wok. Thoroughly mix in. Spread the pancakes with tamarind glaze. Fill up with the duck stir-fry. Roll up like a funnel. Drizzle with tamarind and garnish with green onions.

Yield: 3 servings


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