Brodetto d'ancona

Yield: 6 servings

Measure Ingredient
3 smalls Squid
1 pounds Large shrimp
1 pounds Cherrystone clams (smallest possible)
5 pounds Up to ...
6 pounds Of a combination of: merluzzo, whiting, porgy scup, cod, mullet, filet of haddock, tuna, swordfish, halibut, sole or flounder (fresh if possible)
1 large Onion
1 Garlic clove
½ cup Olive oil
½ cup Wine vinegar
2 cups Peeled plum tomatoes
2 teaspoons Salt (to taste)
Freshly ground black pepper (to taste)
5 Sprigs parsley, coarsely chopped

Clean the squid and peel the shrimp. Clean and scale the fish, but leave the heads and tails on. Cut into good-sized chunks. Cut the onion in half, and then slice each half in the thinnest possible slivers. Add them to the garlic and olive oil in a big, heavy soup pot, and saute over medium heat. When the garlic is golden discard it. When the onion slivers are translucent, add the cut-up squid, and cook and stir until their color changes. Add the vinegar, and when that has evaporated, add the tomatoes (mashing them in the pot), fish chunks, clams, shrimp, salt and 2 or 3 twists of the peppermill. Add enough water just barely to cover fish. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat, and cook for about 20 minutes, or until the clams are opened and the meatiest fish is cooked. Taste for salt, and adjust if necessary. Sprinkle in the parsley, and cook another 1 or 2 minutes.

Serve with slices of crusty, hot Italian bread. When serving the soup, try to give a goodly variety of fish chunks, shrimp and clams to each plate first, and then ladle out about a cup of broth per plate. From The Romagnolis' Table by Margaret & G. Franco Romagnoli.

Submitted By TERRI WOLTMON On 10-01-94

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