A pot of greens - "southern style"

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
Fresh collards
Turnip greens

Or - can use all three of above mixed together. (Frozen ones taste just like the box. Don't even fool with them).

1 turnip, soft-ball size ½ lb. lean side meat Salt Pressure-cooker Fresh greens are sandy and must be thoroughly washed in several changes of water.

A clean laundry tub works well or you can actually put them in the washer on the delicate cycle, no soa

Pull the green leafy part off the tough stems and tear into pieces with your hands. Discard the stems. You will think that you have enough greens to feed an army when you start, but greens yield about half their weight and also cook down to a smaller amou Following your pressure-cooker directions, put them in your cooker with the recommended amount of water - usually a half-cup. Chicken or beef broth works well too. Cut the sidemeat up into 2 x 2 inch chunks and distribute throughout the greens. Dice th I find that it takes about 15 minutes of pressure to cook them to the proper Southern degree of tenderness. When the pressure goes down, remove them from the pot and place in a large deep pan. They should be dark-green and soft, not chewy at all. DO NO Recipe By :

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