A guide to grilling vegetables

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Quickest Cooking Times
tie husk back together, soak
in water 30 min; or remove
husk and silk entirely, brush
with oil or butter, and grill
Moderate Cooking Times
Japanese eggplant, slice
fibrous strings, cut in wedges.
and tough outer leaves, split in
half lengthwise, rinse
thoroughly; large leeks can be
blanched for a few minutes first.
transfer to a bowl and cover
until cool enough to handle, slip
off skin.
Longest Cooking Times

: (all vegetables should be brushed with a light coat of oil) Asparagus Trim off tough stems.

Bell pepper slices Core, seed, cut into strips.

Corn Peel back husk, remove silk, Mushrooms Wipe clean and remove stem.

Onion slices Secure with toothpick.

Scallions Cut off root ends.

Zucchini and summer squash Slice lengthwise.

Baby carrots Wash but don't peel.

Beets Scrub and cut into small wedges.

Eggplant Cut half-inch slices; for Fennel Remove feathery tops, peel Leeks Cut off root end, remove green New potatoes Halve or quarter.

Whole bell peppers Grill until skin is charred, Artichokes Parboil before grilling.

Garlic heads Cut off top of head.

Whole eggplant Prick with fork.

Fine Cooking

August-September 1995

Submitted By DIANE LAZARUS On 11-07-95

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