"carolina housewife" wedding cake of 1850

Yield: 1 big cake

Measure Ingredient
20 pounds Butter
20 pounds Sugar
20 pounds Flour
20 pounds Raisins
40 pounds Currants
12 pounds Citron
20 eaches Nutmegs
1 ounce Mace
4 ounces Cinnamon
20 eaches Glasses wine
20 eaches Glasses brandy
10 eaches Eggs to the pound

Add cloves to your taste. If you wish it richer, add 2 pounds of currants, and 1 pound of raisins to each pound of flour.

[JP- The above is the complete text of the recipe.] From Miss Mary Deas Ravenel in _Charleston Receipt Book_ The Junior League of Charleston 1950 1993 edition, 28th printing ISBN 0-9607854-2-6 Typos by Jeff Pruett Submitted By JEFF PRUETT On 05-26-95

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