wojape (wo zha pee)

1 Servings
Bag (5 lb) frozen berrys (blueberry, raspberry, cherry or a mix)
8 cups Water
2 cups Sugar

Wojape (Wo-zha-pee) A pudding, a dessert. Wojape is a classic Plains Indian dish that predates most of us living now. It was made with fresh wild berries collected during that season and also dried berries, preserved for use through the winter. The berries were mixed with sugar when it became available, and also flour. Today is a different time and Wojape, like many other things, has adapted to the easy access of ingredients. However, it is just as delicious. It can be eaten after a meal as a dessert or as many "out there" know, as a main course maybe with a hot cup of coffee.

Many thanks for this recipe go to: Ms. Stacy Winter of Rapid City, South Dakota.

To a 5 quart pot (enamel or stainless steel) add all the berries and smash them with a potato masher. (If you are fortunate enough to have a food processor this would work fine also. However, stop just short of puree, you want fine pieces throughout.) To the smashed berries add the water and sugar. Boil (lightly) this mixture (Approximately 15 to 20 minutes) until everything is cooked.

Thicken to desired thickness with cornstarch that has been dissolved in cold water.

Serve warm and eat with Indian Fry Bread. Dip the bread into the Wojape and eat in this manner.

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