vietnamese mint chicken

1 Servings
  Garlic oil or flavored to taste
  Vietnamese Fish Sauce
 pinch Of sugar
½ can Of Bamboo shoots
1 each Green onion, cut into sm pieces 9 about 1/8 inch apart
¼ cup Of Chicken, cut into med sm pieces (The size of a

marble) or equiv amt of shimp cut in to about the same size Fresh mint leaves, a sm handful Crushed red chile peppers (optional) White rice deep saute pan or wok Instructions: Pre-cook rice. Heat oil and saute onions over med flame until soft. Add fish sauce until warm. Keep the pan moving so the onions don't burn. Throw in the sugar and stir to mix. Turn up the heat and add chicken or shrimp and cook until almost done. Keep moving the pan. Throw in the bamboo shoots while the chicken or shrimp is cooking. Throw in the red chilies, if you dare, and finally the mint leaves so that they don't cook longer than 30 seconds. Serve over rice. Subj: Vietnamese Mint Chicken

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