trick beans

1 Servings
18 ounces Canned Baked Beans
½ cup Brown Sugar
1 large Onion; kinda chopped, no big deal
½ pounds Smoked Bacon; Woostered
¼ cup Worcestershire; for The Beans
1 teaspoon MSG
½ teaspoon Dry Mustard
  Worcestershire for the Bacon

A novel go-with:

I have tried variations of this recipe four times now. This is my refined version. It tastes a LOT better than the simple ingredients might suggest.

No vinegar (acid), no salt, we are going to go for texture here, directly.

Wooster Bacon: After you turn the unseparated bacon slices a couple times over VERY low heat, it gets less white looking and the slices start sliding apart, drain and return to the fire. Sprinkle generously with Worcestershire, say a tbsp per ¼ lb.

Turn after while. (we're trying to keep it from curling all up) and drain again. The trick is to not french fry the bacon in it's own fat, but cook it gently. Next time you turn it, drain and sprinkle with Worcestershire again. Turn the individual slices a few times more and when done, drain on newspaper. (If people are drawn by the smell of your Woostered Bacon, start with more, it does have an irresistible odor.) Start The Beans: I cooked the whole mess on top the stove at low heat and let it thicken. Then I poured a cup of water over it, and put the (straight sided) sauce pan with the heatproof handle in a 250F oven for 4 hours. I had to add water to keep em covered, and put it back in for a couple more hours. Then I covered em with the sauce pan lid and turned the oven off.

After my nap, I took the almost room temp beans, pot, cover and all out of the cold oven, straight into the fridge.

These will now need salt. I use popcorn salt because it's so fine it dissolves readily in the sauce with the beans, so you can taste. Then I pureed em in the Vita Mix, to the texture of "re-fried beans." I served em at room temp.

I smiled mysteriously at those who asked. "What's in here? This stuff is delicious." (Don't you just love it when you pull something off?) Posted to bbq-digest by jprather@... on May 31, 1998

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