sweet pickle brine for meats (smoking & curin

5 gallons
5 gallons Water (4 1/6 Imperial ga.)
5 pounds Sa;t
1 pounds White sugar
1 ounce Saltpeter
6 cloves Garlic, crushed OR
4 tablespoons Liquid garlic
4 ounces Pickling spices (optional)

Comments on pickling:

The above recipe will cure up to 100 lbs. of meat. Ready made pickling mixes are available with directions on pkg.

The salinometer reading should be abt. 60 degrees.

Quantity of pickling spices may be increased if a spicier flavor is desired. Also:

Prepare spiced by boiling them slowly in half a pint of water.

Keep meat completely submerged in this solution for a time depending on the size of the pieces--from 10 days if the pcs. weigh abt. 2-4 lb. each, up to 16 da. if they weigh 7-8 lb.

Overhaul every 3rd. day.

Inspect daily. If the pickle is kept at 35 F. there should be little risk of deterioration. But if the brine begins to change color noticeably, and to smell sour, pour it away at one, wash the meat in clean water, wash out the crock and sterilize it with boiling water. The make a fresh batch of brine.

Many tough cuts of meat can be made tender and palatable by curing--for example, brisket, bear, elk, venison, moose, etc., tht is too tough to cook by ordinary methods can be turned into a real delicacy by sweet pickle curing.

Submitted By JIM WELLER On 02-22-95

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